Wednesday, April 14, 2010

News not brews

Much has happened since I last posted. Sadly mostly Facebook wanderings. I have not seen my friend soberwomanofgod at a meeting in a long while so I though I would peek in on her blog. Wow I got a mention in her blog! And a favorable one at that! Thanks J.
My wife and I had an extreamly bad scare with my youngest daughter. A tumor was detected in her little body and the word cancer was tossed around all over the place. The Docs could find no other explanation for this rapidly growing growth. A long and dangerous surgery took place. A biopsy followed and we were blessed. A 1 in a trillion result happened....BENIGN! She is now a ballet class taking, mighty might soccer playing, fighting with her sister, won't eat her vegetables, little 5 yr old with a couple big scars on her tummy.
I also burried an old roomate and fraternity brother. Sadly I'm afraid he wasn't sober when he died. He was a 39 yr old single father. His 10yr old son has already lost his mother in a single car DUI about 7yrs ago. Sobriety was quite a bit the topic as Rich (you know him as rcali4233) and I saw lots of our frat brothers at the funeral. Grateful to say we both remained sober as others didn't.
Lastly I was able to accomplish another recovery milestone. I just passed 1yr of not smoking yesterday! Hopefully this long of a stretch won't pass again until I next blog but I know how I am.
All my best


Syd said...

Glad to read this post and know that you are doing well. Life has a way of happening doesn't it?

Banana Girl said...

Dear BroFish,
So sad about your frat brother, but you were there and with Rich no less, both sober wonderful men. Thank you so much for leaving a comment. I am sorry too our schedules have been keeping us apart. I was just thinking of you this morning (ad for fish special in the paper, dontcha just love subliminal wanderings of the mind?)Anyway, congrats on the smoking, on the wife (10 yrs, whew!) and for your delightfully normal bothering you again baby girl. We girls are like that, yep, we are!

See you soon. J. (the comment moderation key word is "angerac"! Is this hilarious or what: sounds like spitting out anger! Me and phonics. hahahahah