Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Independance Day

Today as I celebrate my country's independance from British rule I realize today is yet another day to celebrate my own independace from chemical rule. 556 days away from alcohol AND 82 days away from cigarettes. I have never been sober this long before but I have quit smoking for longer. Last non smoking run was a little over 8 months. I went back out on St. Patricks Day 3 years ago. Not a good holiday for my war on my addictions. However, I said to my wife this morning that this time feels so different and easier than before. (I wanted to rip poeples arms off and beat them with the stumps) "Really, why do you think that?", she asked. Because quitting smoking in the past was attempted by dependance on all powers human. My own will power, patches, gum and even a hypnotist at $650 an hour. After a little time in AA I can now realize why those things failed me. They were all half measures and availed me nothing. So, if no human power could relieve my alcohol AND cigarette addiction, then what could? Hmmmm.... Oh yah right! God could and would if he were sought. Where have I heard that before?
Happy Safe and Sober 4th all,
>=<(())*> Fish